NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED LAND-USE BYLAW AMENDMENT NO. 14-05 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED LAND-USE BYLAW AMENDMENT NO. 14-05 TOWN OF FALHER Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, being Chapter M-26 of the Statutes of Alberta, notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Falher will hold a public hearing prior to the second reading of Bylaw No. 21-04 for an amendment to Land Use Bylaw No. 14-05.  The proposed amendment is to: Add the following use class definition to Section 1.5 Definitions: SPECIALTY FOOD STORE means a retail store specializing in a specific type or class of food, including butRead More →

Peace Health Advisory Council -Recruiting Volunteer Members Advisory Councils Expression of Interest   Alberta Health Services (AHS) is committed to ensuring that Albertans have a voice in healthcare. One way we achieve this is through Advisory Councils across Alberta. These councils provide insights and input on health service delivery, priorities and programs to the Board of Directors and AHS leadership. They bring forward feedback from the public to support AHS’ strategic direction. AHS is now recruiting Albertans to become Health Advisory Council members or Provincial Advisory Council members. Health Advisory Council members are passionate about healthcare, interested in listening to people and providing feedback toRead More →

UNOFFICIAL 2021 MUNICIPAL ELECTION RESULTS   In line with the Local Authorities Election Act, we much await Ministerial recommendation for how to proceed with the remaining 2 COUNCILLOR positions. For more information, please contact the undersigned.   James Bell Chief Administrative Officer PO Box 155, 011 Central Avenue S.W., Falher, AB T0H 1M0 Office 780-837-2247 x103 Fax 780-837-2647 www.falher.caRead More →

3RD AVE SW & 1ST STREET SW TRAFFIC STUDY The Town of Falher’s Final Report on Traffic Data from 3rd AVE SW & 1 STREET SW is available now! Click the link below. LINK     James Bell Chief Administrative Officer PO Box 155, 011 Central Avenue S.W., Falher, AB T0H 1M0 Office 780-837-2247 x103 Fax 780-837-2647 TOWN OF FALHER – HONEY CAPITAL OF CANADA   Post expires at 2:51pm on Sunday November 21st, 2021Read More →

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – Thursday September 16th, 2021 – to be updated as warranted The M.D. of Smoky River, towns of Falher & McLennan, villages of Donnelly & Girouxville in coordination with the Smoky Region Emergency Services are closely following the lead from the Province on the issue of Covid-19.  We would like to ensure clear and concise information is available. Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency.  COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, further restrictions are being put in place. Effective Thursday September 16th  (Click here for further details): Limitations have been placed on the number of people allowed to gatherRead More →

AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic McLennann Bringing integrated cancer screening services to you The AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic will be returning to McLennan November 6 to 9, 2021. Screen Test brings breast cancer screening to women across Alberta with its state-of-the-art mobile mammography unit. As part of the new Integrated Access to Cancer Screening project, we are pleased to be partnering with AHS Screening Programs to bring cervical and colorectal screening services in McLennan November 8 & 9, 2021. Due to COVID-19, the Screen Test mobile mammography service was suspended for three months in 2020. Although service has resumed, we are severalRead More →

New Office Hours WE’RE NOW OPEN LATER! Starting August 30th, 2021 our office will be open until 5PM to serve you better! NEW Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Please note these hours apply only to Town of Falher Administration Office Post expires at 3:36pm on Wednesday October 27th, 2021Read More →

Elections Alberta Returning Officers 2023 Elections Alberta is currently recruiting Returning Officers for the 2023 Provincial General Election .            Link to the Elections Alberta Facebook .            Link to Elections Alberta Jobs     Post expires at 9:13am on Saturday May 28th, 2022Read More →

Peace Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board   The Town of Falher is seeking a member at large to represent the municipality on the Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal board. Further information can be found at: Interested applicants should contact: James Bell Chief Administrative Officer Office 780-837-2247 x 103 jbell@falher.caRead More →