Please note that the Town of Falher has 2 CATS in its possession.
These cats were at large in the Town of Falher.
If these cats are yours, please call the office to correctly identify them.

Pursuant to Bylaw 09-06:

4.4 Any dog or cat found to be running at large shall be forthwith impounded by a Town Official or a Peace Officer and kept in the custody of the Town of Falher pound.

4.5 The owner of a dog or cat impounded under the provisions of this bylaw shall be subject to impounding fees described in Schedule “B”.

4.6 The owner, of a cat or dog, may reclaim his cat or dog subsequent to the payment of:
i) the current license fee if the individual is a resident of Falher and if the same has not been previously paid; and
ii) a fine as specified in Schedule “B” and
iii) a fee for service as specified in Schedule “A”

4.7 It shall be the responsibility of the person redeeming the impounded cat or dog to arrange for its transportation from the pound to the residence of the owner or harbourer.

4.8 i) When a cat or dog has been in the pound for seventy-two (72) hours or more and  the owner of the cat or dog has not reclaimed it in accordance with section 4 of  this By-law, the Town Official may:

  1. a) destroy a cat or dog, or
  2. b) offer the cat or dog for sale at the price stipulated in Schedule “B” to this By-law, or
  3. c) retain the cat or dog in the pound for such further period of time as the Town Official may think advisable in the circumstances


BYLAW 09-06


Dated September 14, 2022

James Bell
Chief Administrative Officer

780-837-2247 x103