Council Boards & Committees

The Council of the Town of Falher approved appointments to the following boards and committees:

Community Education Committee – Councillor Drouin
Employee Relations Committee – Councillors Limoges & Drouin
Falher Inter-Municipal Library Board – Councillor Brown
Falher Recreation Committee – Mayor Buchinski & Councillor Limoges
Heart River Housing – Mayor Buchinski
Honey Festival Committee – Councillor Roy
Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency – Mayor Buchinski, Alternative: CAO Adèle Parker
Peace Library System – Councillor Brown, Alternative: Mayor Buchinski
Policy Review Committee – Councillor Lauzé & Roy
Smoky River Emergency Management – Mayor Buchinski & Councillor Drouin
Smoky River Family & Community Support Services – Councillor Brown
Smoky River Regional Airport Committee – Councillor Brown
Smoky River Regional Committee – Mayor Buchinski & Councillor Roy
Smoky River Regional Economic Development – Councillor Limoges, Amanda Vanden Bosch
Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment Committee – Councillor Lauzé
Smoky River Regional Waste Commission – Councillors Lauzé & Limoges
Smoky River Regional Water Commission – Councillors Lauzé & Limoges
Smoky River Transportation Ad Hoc Committee – Mayor Buchinski
Subdivision & Development Appeal Board – Councillor Drouin, Members of the SDAB Regional Board
Regional Broadband – Mayor Buchinski, CAO Adele Parker

2019-2020 List of Council and Boards