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Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, being Chapter M-26 of the Statutes of Alberta, notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Falher will hold a public hearing prior to the second reading of Bylaw No. 19-04 for an amendment to Land Use Bylaw No. 14-05. The proposed amendment is to:

1. Add the following definitions for “SIGN, TEMPORARY” to Section 1.5 :
“SIGN, TEMPORARY” means any sign which is relocatable or removable from a site, is used for advertising for a limited duration, and does not rely on a building or a fixed foundation for its structural support. This includes Portable signs and Sandwich board signs

2. Add the following definitions for “SIGN, PORTABLE” to Section 1.5 :
“SIGN, PORTABLE” means a temporary sign which is mounted on a trailer, stand or similar, and which together with the support can be relocated to another location.

3. Add the following definitions for “SIGN, SANDWICH BOARD” to Section 1.5 :
“SIGN, SANDWICH BOARD” means a temporary sign which set on the ground, built on two similar pieces of material and attached at the top by hinges.

4. Revise the following definition “SIGN, FREESTANDING” in Section 1.5:
“SIGN, FREESTANDING” means a sign permanently supported independent of a building, wall or structure. It is supported by one or more columns, uprights, or braces in or upon grade and includes ground mounted signs and the like.

5. Remove the following Section 6.18.3 (b).

6. Renumber Section 6.18.3 (c) to Section 6.18.3 (b).

7. Add the following subsection 6.18.8 Temporary Signs Regulations in all District to Section 6.18:
(a) Temporary signs related to commercial, industrial, residential or institutional uses shall not require a development permit, unless the use exceeds 7 consecutive days. The development permit shall specify the length of time it will remain on the location.
(b) Temporary signs must be stabilized and anchored in a way that ensures it will not be unintentionally moved, blown over or dislocated.
(c) Temporary signs shall not be permitted within the site triangle of any intersection.
(d) Temporary signs shall not be illuminated.

8. Add the following subsection 6.18.9 Portable Signs in Commercial and Industrial Districts to Section 6.18:
(a) As a condition to the issuance of the development permit, the Development Officer shall specify the length of time that a development permit remains in effect for a Portable Sign, to a maximum of six (6) months, and the sign shall be removed on or before the expiry date specified. A three (3) month extension may be granted upon written request.
(b) In addition to the information required for a development permit application, the following information shall be required in support of the development permit application for a portable sign:
(i) the municipal address and legal description of the land or building where the Portable Sign is to be located;
(ii) an indication of where the Sign is to be located on the site;
(iii) the length of time the sign is to be located at the site;
(iv) a letter from the owner or the owner’s agent authorizing the placement of the Sign on the subject property; and
(v) the size, height, design, including materials, and the nature of the sign.
(c) Portable signs shall be evaluated by the Development Officer according to the following criteria:
(i) they shall not cause a distraction to vehicular traffic by means of flashing lights; and
(ii) they shall be compatible with adjacent land uses according to their location on the site and length of stay on the premises.
(d) Portable signs shall not be placed upon a site as to conflict with parking, loading or walkway areas.
(e) No more than one (1) portable sign shall be displayed on a site.
(f) Notwithstanding 6.18.8 (f), one portable sign shall be permitted for each business in a multiple occupancy development provided that no portable sign is located within 15.2 m (50 ft) of another.
(g) Maximums:
(i) Sign Width: 3.66 m (12 ft) horizontal width;
(ii) Sign Height: 2.44 m (8 ft) vertical height;

9. Add the following subsection 6.18.10 Sandwich Board Signs in Commercial Districts to Section 6.18:
(a) Sandwich board signs advertising commercial businesses shall only be permitted to remain in place on public sidewalks only during regular business hours.
(b) Sandwich board signs shall be directly located in front of the business advertised by the signs.
(c) No more than one (1) sandwich board signs shall be displayed on site.
(d) No sandwich board sign shall be located in a manner that would impede pedestrian movement along sidewalks or impede the movement of handicapped persons using sidewalks.
(e) Maximums:
(i) Total sign area: 0.3 m2 (3.28 ft2)

10. Add the following use to Section 7.5.1Restricted Residential Disrict (R-1) (b) Discretionary Uses:

11. Add the following use to Section 7.6.1Low Density Residential District (R-2) (b) Discretionary Uses:

12. Add the following use to Section 7.7.1High Density Residential District (R-3) (b) Discretionary Uses:

13. Add the following use to Section 7.8.1Manufactured Home Residential District (MHR) (b) Discretionary Uses:

14. Add the following use to Section 7.12.1 Heavy Industrial District (M-2) (b) Discretionary Uses:

The Public Hearing is to be held at 7:00 p.m., September 9th, 2019 in the Council Chambers of the Town of Falher Office, Falher, Alberta. The proposed bylaw may be viewed at the Town Office during regular office hours. Please submit written submissions to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) prior to 3:00 p.m. September 6th, 2019. If you have any questions regarding the hearing or the bylaw, please call the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at (780) 837-2247.