Land Use Bylaw Refresh

The Town of Falher has initiated a refresh of the current Land Use Bylaw. The goal of this project is to develop a new Land Use Bylaw that better serves the needs and interests of the community, while also positioning the Town to achieve its growth potential and aspirations.


What is the Land Use Bylaw?

The Land Use Bylaw is a bylaw adopted by Council to regulate the use of land and buildings within the Town. Among others, it divides up the Town into specific areas or zones, and determines what is the appropriate use of land and buildings in each zone. The Land Use Bylaw also sets regulations for special types of buildings or uses, such as accessory structures, manufactured homes and cannabis retail, and sets standards for land size, building height, setbacks from property lines, parking and landscaping. The LUB aims to balance landowner’s rights with the interests of the community. Its overall goal is to achieve orderly, efficient and economically beneficial development within the Town.

Why does the LUB need to be Refreshed?

The current Land Use Bylaw was adopted by Council in 2014. Over the course of the past 8 years, the LUB has been amended for more than 30 times in order to deal with new developments or situations that the current bylaw is inadequate to address. This is a reflection of the changing needs and dynamics of the community. Developing a new Land Use Bylaw is a better and more efficient way to respond to these issues, rather than through individual amendments.

How will this affect me?

The new LUB will not affect any existing development within the Town, unless you are expected to undertake new development. While some regulations may change, by expanding the range of uses of land within the Town, the new LUB will seek to make it easier for land owners and prospective developers to develop property without necessarily having to amend the Land Use Bylaw.


What is the process?

The Land Use Bylaw refresh will take between six months and one year to complete. Below is an outline of the key stages and activities.

How can I get involved?

The Land Use Bylaw refresh provides an opportunity to engage residents, business and other stakeholders in the process. This will ensure that the new Land Use Bylaw is responsive to the needs of the community. Here are three ways you can participate:

Take the Survey

Please spend a few minutes to complete a short survey here. This is an opportunity for you to share your views and bring forward any your concerns and suggestions you may have for developing the new Land Use Bylaw.

Attend Steering Committee meetings

Apart from the survey, you can also attend the Steering Committee meetings to take part in discussions and development of the new Land Use Bylaw. Please contact the Town Office, if you’re interested in attending the Steering Committee meetings.

Open House

Once the new Land Use Bylaw draft is complete, it will be presented for public feedback at an Open House. The date, time and location of the Open House will be communicated in due course.


If you have any questions about the LUB Refresh, please contact the CAO James Bell at the Town Office by phone at (780) 837-2247 x103 or by email at



Thank you!