3rd Ave SW & 1st Street SW Traffic Study

September 2021



In February of 2021, Town of Falher council received a letter from a resident requesting that a Stop Sign be installed for North and South traffic at the intersection of 3rd Ave SW & 1st Street SW. Effectively making it a 4-way Stop. The letter discussed speeding vehicles posing a safety concern to the residents, especially for children playing in the neighbourhood. This intersection is approximately 171 meters from Friendship Hill Park.

Upon receipt on the resident’s letter, council passed Resolution 21-69 to accept the letter as information. Council instructed administration to obtain traffic data from this intersection in order to accurately assess the situation and make an informed decision.

Traffic data was collected for Northbound traffic for approximately 3 weeks during August, and
Southbound traffic data was collected for 1 week at the end of August.

This information will be further presented to the public for consultation at the next Town of Falher Open House. (Date TBD).

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In consideration of both Northbound and Southbound Traffic, 14.45% of travellers were in excess of the speed limit, while 85.55% of travellers were within the speed limit.

At this time, with the current data, Administration is not recommending the installation of a Stop Sign at the intersection of 3rd Ave SW & 1st Street SW. Given the overwhelming majority of travellers within the speed limit, the installation of a stop sign in order to reduce speeding at this intersection could be seen as a disproportionate hinderance to the significant number of travellers already in compliance.

Council may wish to collect further data in order to increase accuracy, explore a speed limit change, conduct neighbourhood education on the dangers of speeding, or any combination thereof. Should council wish, they may also decide to proceed with taking no further action.

The final report of 3rd Ave SW & 1st Street SW Traffic Study was accepted as presented by Town of Falher council on September 20, 2021. (Resolution #21-314)